Monday, August 23, 2010

Wanda Sykes & Her Wife Alex: Creative Emmys Date Night

Wanda Sykes & Her Wife Alex: Creative Emmys Date Night (PHOTOS)

Wanda Sykes stepped out with her wife, Alex, at the Creative Arts Emmys on Saturday in LA. Alex gave birth to the couple's twins last summer.

Wanda is nominated for two Emmys for her HBO stand up 'I'ma Be Me.' Her late-night talk show on FOX, 'The Wanda Sykes Show,' was canceled in May after one season. The same month, CBS canceled 'The New Adventures of Old Christine,' in which Wanda played Julia Louis-Dreyfus' best friend.

Wanda Sykes & Her Wife Alex: Wanda Sykes & Her Wife Alex Date Night

Hey, Wanda - nice pull. Respect. [fistbump]

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Men With Style: Alan Cumming at Creative Emmy Awards 2010

So, no sooner than I create a feature called "Men With Style", than the Fug Girls run this awesome picture of Alan Cumming at the Creative Emmys:

Alan Cumming, Creative Emmy Awards 2010, plaid suit, Men With Style

This is probably in the running for the Most Awesome Suit of 2010, with the exception of the gentleman when I met at Costco last week, who was resplendent in a beautiful and classic seersucker suit, perhaps the only sane thing that can be worn in a Houston summer.

Seersucker at Wikipedia

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Men With Style: Steve McGarrett

Help me out here.

So here's Grace Park and some other dudes in the new Hawaii 5-0:

Grace Park, Grace Park in a bikini, Steve McGarrett, Hawaii 5-0

Does she really expect them to ignore that she's pretty much naked? [Not that this is a bad thing - I approve]

Do they really expect us to not notice that these dudes are trying hard [heh] to not notice that she is pretty much naked?

And, by the way, Grace Park in a bikini.

Prediction - the new Hawaii 5-0 will FAIL because the new McGarrett is a slob. Jack Lord, as Steve McGarrett, was never, ever a slob:

Steve McGarrett, Jack Lord, Hawaii 5-0, Men with Style


Steve McGarrett, Jack Lord, Hawaii 5-0, Men with Style

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crushes: Bernadette Peters

This woman:

Bernadette Peters New York Times Sondheim 62 years old and I adore her So. Much.

I could actually go on and on about Ms. Peters and her singular contributions to musical theater, or that she was so awesome that Spielberg designed the role of Rita in Animaniacs just for her to sing on the show. Or the time that I glimpsed her from a distance just shopping in Greenwich Village.

But really, I just think that she is really, seriously cute, and I am so happy to see her newest Broadway appearance be the triumph that it is.

And she is hot.

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