Monday, January 05, 2009

Zune Fail

Normal Life recommences.... now.

Molly I.

If you haven't noticed, I think that I rather dote on my sweetie, the Red Queen. So when I got a 2GB iPod Nano from my old job as a bonus, she fell in love with it and confiscated it from me. (This happens rather frequently, actually.)

Until she noticed that 2GB wasn't enough space, so she fell in love with the Zune 30GB.

Until it turned out to be too large and heavy, so she fell in love with the Creative Zen 4GB. After I carried the previoulsly rejected iPod for a a year or two, I gifted it to my Oldest Daughter.

Which left me with the perfectly acceptible Zune 30GB. Which failed last week along with EVERY SINGLE ZUNE 30GB IN THE WORLD.

Which was kinda cool in an apocalyptic, Y2K kinda way.

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