Thursday, November 20, 2008

Texas Sunset

From Ruth at Cabdrollery, on the waning of Texas power in DC:

Schadenfreude Again :
"...For any of you who may have forgotten, an established practice of redistricting after census was ridden over by ambitious Republican party members who had visions of a permanent majority. They powered the mess through, and pitted Democrats in office against right wing electorates in the 2004 election. For a time, that gave them a majority, but it resulted to my glee in the election of a Democrat to replace Tom DeLay when his misdeeds got so out of hand his party wouldn't stand for him any longer. Redistricting had gone forward in his district on the assumption that he would hold on forever, and a large segment of mixed income, mixed race voters were put into that area. They voted in Democrat .... So much for that power grab."

Schadenfreude, indeed. I remember watching the horror of the Texas redistricting fight as DeLay and his Thugs used Homeland Security and the Texas Rangers to hunt down the elected Dems who fled the Legislature rather than be counted for a blatantly undemocratic vote.

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Blogger Ruth said...

Thanks for the link. Isn't it wonderful when the wingers hurt themselves with their own Long Knives... heh

November 20, 2008 1:21 PM  

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