Friday, July 11, 2008

Evil for Evil's Sake

It's a well established fact that Dick Cheney is trying to destroy the world. I would suppose that it's just a matter of course that he and the other Bushists are making sure to take out school children along the way:

School Children Thrown Under The (Private) Bus:

One of the things that the Bush administration is breaking now is public transportation for school children. Why? So that private businesses like the owner of Greyhound Bus Lines can open up new lines of business offering more expensive private bus service to school districts.

The Federal Transit Administration last month closed its comment period on a new regulation that will cut off federal funding for bus routes that it believes primarily exist to get children to and from school. Under the new rules, a school system could subsidize a child's bus ride on public transit, but a public bus system could not significantly order its routes or schedules for the convenience of these children...

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