Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Coffee is Important

Coffee is important!

The meaning of Starbucks

The coffee company announces plans to close 600 stores, while simultaneously watering down its primary house brew. As if we needed any more evidence that the economy is in the dregs

Andrew Leonard [2008-07-02]

Starbucks may not have the BEST coffee, but it's damn sure better than what we used to get before they came around - What is Chock Full O Nuts made of, anyway? The only place you ever could get an espresso or a cappucino when I was growing up in New York was down in the Village or Little Italy.

Folgers and Maxwell House never had a French Roast or a Columbian Supreme back in the the day - that's the Starbucks influence.

There simply aren't enough of the others around to make a difference at any given place or moment, so until there's a different coffeehouse pulling espresso on every block that pays health insurance for part-time employees, I'm pulling for Starbucks.

Oh, and please note - a "cup of coffee" at Starbucks only costs a buck-fifty...two bucks ($1.95) for the venti, or large. Y'all might want to lay off the caramel and the whipped cream. That's not a coffee, it's a milkshake.

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