Tuesday, March 03, 2009

As if Bush wasn't bad enough

I had to apologize for saying that I thought that Steele stood a chance of lasting out the week.

Y'know, HEAD of the fucking RNC and all.

Rush Limbaugh, Head of the Republican Party. Indeed.

The day doesn't go by without something stupid and obnoxious being said out loud by Rush Limbaugh, Leader of the Republican Party.

He doesn't even have to make sense - he's unrestrained id, shouting out the unedited garbage that his fans wish they had the balls to say out loud but they don't - they CAN'T because they would get a well-deserved beatdown from anyone in hearing range and they know it.

Tiresome, petty, evil, and wrong, wrong, wrong about everything that matters to decent Americans who look forward to a future without him or anyone who kisses his lying, drug felon, sex tourist ass.

This is the future of the Republican Party. As if Bush wasn't bad enough.

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Blogger Ruth said...

I believe the direction of the 'future' of the Party of Nope looks like what the rest of the South emerged from, thankfully, and left the PON behind, also thankfully.

March 04, 2009 11:46 AM  

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