Friday, November 04, 2005

A little about myself. Or her.

:: She dramatized herself into moving out two years ago. (It had been two years before that that she told me that she didnt love me anymore. Right.) She left our daughters with me when she found out that she couldnt [bother to] get them into school where she was.

A year later, and after hearing all about the men who were going to "fix her life" [ha.], I met my current girlfriend. Much, MUCH drama-queening about the new SO, who is a schoolteacher, being with our kids. Herself got herself evicted from her apartment and moved back in with me [she was still on the lease].

More drama, until [get this] she threw me out of my own apartment. [I refused to stop seeing my new GF].

All the time all of this 'child of God' and 'I'm sancified' BS.

I'm paying child support now and I can't see my girls because she won't obey the visitation agreement and let me take them. I can see them at her house but she monopolizes all of the time, talking about herself.::


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