Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A discussion from Eschaton

Moonbootica : where do the wingnuts get the idea that the press is hostile to them?

from here it seems much of the MSM bend over backwards for the wingers...

Really, it's just a convenient fiction that they've been maintaining for over 50 years, now. Then, as now, the facts themselves were always, always anti-conservative.

FDR needed to force liberal solutions via the New Deal to protect capitalism, but the financial conservatives, then as now, objected.

Johnson needed to force liberal solutions via the Great Society and the War on Poverty, but the social conservatives, then as now, objected.

Since they were losing, it must have been the liberal press (not history or economics or justice) that was "misleading" the country.

Culture of Truth : They don't believe it, but it very much helps their cause to keep saying it. Remember, whenever any American Right-Winger is on tv, just keep saying to yourself: "They're LYING."

And yes, about everything. Their real agenda would shock their "supporters."

See above. They're lying. About everything.


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