Friday, September 23, 2005

Notes on the Evacuation of Houston

All right. My love and I are secure in Kyle, (near Austin).

I had to leave my friend's mom behind who wouldn't leave her (little, yappy) dogs.

I had to leave my two little girls behind because my ex-wife refuses to believe that there is a problem in Houston and thinks that I'm just "showing off for my girlfriend", so she refused to let me take them.

It took two days to get to Austin from Houston. Most of the way we traveled at less than 10 miles per hour.

We passed hundreds, hundreds of cars and families on I-10 that were forced to stop due to car failure or lack of gas.

We slept on the road for two nights, to get 162 miles.

The gas stop at Columbus, Texas was rapidly turning into a scene out of "Mad Max". No fuel, cars that had been there for days.

The stop at Weimar, TX was blessed -- we got gas and food and the good people there brought order out of potential chaos because they cared.


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