Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cash From Chaos

Missed this a couple of weeks back:

Anarchy rules as Malcolm McLaren funeral draws punk glitterati:

...Joseph Corré, McLaren's son with Westwood, read out a note from Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones, who addressed his old adversary directly.

"Dear Malcolm, did you take the money with you? Is it in the coffin? Do you mind if I come back tomorrow and dig you up?" he wrote. "I always had a soft spot for you. You showed me a lot when I was 17 … and I owe you a lot for showing me a different side to life."

Malcolm McLaren's coffin is carried into church at his funeral in north London.

Well-wishers pay their respects as the horse-drawn funeral cortege for Malcolm McLaren passes through Camden.

Adam Ant, who said McLaren was like a father to him, arrives at the funeral.

I don't know if Annabella attended.

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