Friday, February 26, 2010


Just a letter I wrote today.

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I just wanted to express just how incredibly embarrassing and disappointing I found the "news" that Meet The Press decided to devote its entire next episode to interviewing Senator McCain again.

It is apparent to the American people that not only are the Republicans devoid of ideas, they are actively hostile to working with the President on the challenges before us now. Senator McCain has proved himself to be repeatedly at the forefront of the G.O.P. fight to oppose everything that needs to be done now.

Like Senator Bunning's disgraceful performance yesterday in denying a vote to extend unemployment benefits to millions of hurting Americans who need assistance now, Senator McCain has repeatedly refused to work with the Senate majority on any of the critical projects before the country now, and devoting yet another hour to him and his, quite frankly, repellent views will continue to hurt the country and its people. Meet The Press should have its focus on newsmakers who are producing useful and necessary legislation and are actively fighting FOR the American people, and not for their selfish and partisan views.

As the President reminded Senator McCain yesterday, "we are no longer campaigning". Meet The Press should not be giving him free campaign ad space. Let him pay for his own.

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