Wednesday, April 07, 2010

iPad Alternatives

Over at Open Salon a commenter, mad_typist, wrote:

"I'm hoping someone will make a tablet that lets me use a stylus with it. That opens up several possibilities: doing free hand sketches, hand writing notes on everything from Word documents to e-books, and even marking up maps or other graphics."

I mentioned an excellent alternative to the iPad back when it was announced:

Here, Decisions, Decisions and here, Decisions, Decisions.

The enTourage eDGe™, which runs Android, features TWO screens - one LCD and one e-paper, USB, SD slots, wi-fi and stylus input. At $499, it is the same price as the iPad 8GB.


Not some mythical vaporware "someday". No, it does not have 3G but I think that 3G is straight-up marketing anyway. I have LOTS of PDF textbooks and this weighs less and gives me more features than any of them.

Buy me one and I'll write you a review. ;-)

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