Sunday, March 22, 2009

Discussions on "Daybreak, Part 2"

"To me these were flashes of the moments that echoed their respective fates.

Roslin was destined not to find and enjoy love, her calling was a higher one, but a less personally satisfying one.

Same for Starbuck/Apollo -- they had a mutual attraction it was clear, but they had something more important to consider than their own feelings - the fate of all humanity!"

Bravo. And Adama's fate ended with Galactica, which was the choice he made instead of "an hour's work", and Baltar's fate was with Caprica Six, even if it would "get [his] head cut off".

"I don't get the hate for the flashforward. I thought it was an optimistic ending. It all happened before, but it doesn't have to happen again. What's wrong with that?"

I don't get the hate either. A little bit of Terry Pratchett dialog in the two angels chatting and a fun attempt to link their story to our future. The robot montage was funny. Too much drama, people. Leave drama to the professionals.

It was a coda, a wink to the audience. The ep ended with Adama on the hill, looking to the East, the Sunrise, The Future - BLACKOUT. And Moore found himself with an extra two minutes to play with. The wink was implied by the fact that HE STUCK HIMSELF RIGHT THERE.

And any opportunity for an extra shot of Angel!Six in her red dress was not to be missed.

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