Monday, March 16, 2009

Imagine Greater Stupidity

So far as I can tell, this is NOT a joke, and it is NOT parody.

OTOH - we ARE dangerously close to April Fools Day...

SCI FI Channel to change name to Syfy

Beginning on July 7th, the SCI FI Channel will be changed to the phonetically identical but grammatically dubious Syfy Channel as part of a bid to give the 16-year-old operation a distinct brand identity and the flexibility to wriggle outside its tight science fiction parameters. In that spirit, it’s also changed its tagline to “Imagine Greater,” all part of a strategy that “invites both consumers and advertisers into a new era of unlimited imagination, exceptional experiences, and greater entertainment.

< whining >Why do people hate science fiction? What did we ever do to them?
< / whining >

Stupid. Simply stupid. The name is stupid. The reasoning is marketing-school stupid and we all know where THAT'S gotten us.



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