Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Over at Eschaton

Over at Eschaton, comrade nona noted:

TOKYO, Nov. 19 -- Bureaucrats here have infuriated the Japanese public by losing millions of government pension records. This week someone with a knife and a willingness to kill appears to be trying to hunt some of those bureaucrats down.

Riddled with stab wounds, the bodies of Takehiko Yamaguchi, 66, and his wife Michiko, 61, were found Tuesday morning in their home in a suburb of Tokyo. Takehiko Yamaguchi was head of the Health Ministry's pension division when the national pension system underwent a major record-keeping overhaul in 1985.

On Tuesday evening, Yasuko Yoshihara, 72, wife of former pension bureaucrat Kenji Yoshihara, 76, was stabbed in the chest by a man who came to her home in Tokyo claiming that he worked for parcel delivery service, police said.

Dissento responded:

Don't fuck with a ninja's pension.
Even I know that.

Words to live by.

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