Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Depths of narcissism

Atrios : Years later, it's hard to comprehend the depths of the narcissism of people like Berman who obviously see events in the world as nothing more than referendums on their own awesomeness. He and his fellow travelers spent years berating dirty fucking hippies like me for daring to suggest that maybe war in Iraq was not some awesome idea, but instead, you know, bad. And now he wants to claim he opposed it?

It seemed stupid that we would have to argue AGAINST a war of aggression against a smaller country, against an ongoing occupation over a conquered people, against torture, against mercenaires, against war profiteers.

Even in our worst-case scenario - we couldn't see all of this but we argued, wrote, and marched against it to try to stop any of this from coming to pass.

We need to make sure that these people are never seen in public again without the blood on their hands.

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