Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Future of gutter politics

Attaturk wrote : Now, if one person looks at the above and says, "now this is why we can't nominate Obama" come here and let me stick my metaphorical foot up your emblematic ass.

Nice. I'm saving this for the next troll attack over at Eschaton.

But regarding gutter politics and the anticapted sliming of Obama, for it will happen: I can't wait!

Obama's speech on Tuesday laid down the battlefield for the fight. The Thugs, and their courtiers and enablers will lay down as lowdown a political fight as any of us will have ever seen or may ever see again.

Let them. Let them expose their ugliness and their fear, because this is the end for those strategies. For decades now, divisive politics have been used to give the stupid far more leverage than they deserved - primarily because no-one wanted to go there; it's too ugly, too frightening, too painful.

I want us to rise above that ugliness and expose it to the light. I want us to face the fear. Fear is the mind-killer and it's nearly killed our society and our democracy. We can be better. Every poll out there now says that Americans want to be better.

Let do this thing.

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