Friday, March 03, 2006

How can you mend a broken heart?

Thers : Yeah. If we want Dems to "fight" we have to not bitch at them when they actually do.

My problem here is that they (the Dems) seem to pretend to fight, then roll over at the critical moment (see: Alito, Patriot Act votes), just to keep the base (us) in line.

If their "fighting" has left anything resembling a mark in the last, say, two months, I can't see it.

On the DPW issue, they have a clearer history on this than ever before -- the Dems put up bill after bill on port security only to be shot down again and again by the Thugs, right?

Losing is fine but it is criminal not to be on every news and pundit show in the country sticking this on the Thugs. The media's not cooperating? Fine, time for new media or twisting the arms of the old media, right? Do you see that happening?

No, I don't - I see the Dems rolling over, again and again, like Kerry rolled over in Nov 2004. He promised us he'd fight! We'd have backed him! We were ready!



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