Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Guess it's time I came out...

Steve Gilliard, today:

This is how: if I don't leave the house before 1 PM on a Sunday, I can't get newspaper. When I rode the train daily, it was the blacks and latinos reading the Daily News or Post. Did the person who posted that actually deign to talk to a negro?

The problem is that the same people who think the Nation is a bastion of progressive thought with a pausity of non-white staff, tend to have the loudest voices.

The fact that women-run blogs have been expanding, that we have no idea who blogs or how many of those people happen to be black also never seems to come up.

Black people will use blogs like everyone else. We don't need to be escorted in by patronizing white people.

I mean, how many times do you go to any social function and 90 percent of the people are white? Happens to me a lot.

Stop talking to and about black people like they are children. That would be a first start.

What he said.


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