Monday, February 20, 2006

"...Bah, sidewalks are for communists!"

Tena : And what is wrong with the Robin Hood law, anyway? Have we succumbed to the whining the rich, white school districts have been doing ever since it was implemented?

Southern and GOP rascism and exclusionism, of course -- the rich districts simply will not help finance the poor ones, not for any reason whatsoever. It's simply amazing that the school systems haven't failed in the last two decades.

I am sure that it was someone here [Eschaton] a couple of years ago, who said sarcastically, re:Texas -- "Bah, sidewalks are for communists!"

This came as a blinding revelation to me. I was raised in NYC -- public works are part of the fabric of things - not always to the good, but ongoing, constant.

Collectively, Texans do not support public works. Hate them, hate them with a passion, like they hate the idea of a state income tax to pay for what little infrastructure as exists here.

Hence the contempt for the Robin Hood law. The state pay for educational standards statewide? Why, we can BARELY manage contribute to our local school district (through property taxes)!


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