Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Brownshirt defending of man-on-man sex in public toilets

From Eschaton comments:

dave™© : Personally, I am relishing the prospect of the coming weeks of fervent brownshirt defending of man-on-man sex in public toilets.

Rare event noted: Carville was great on NBC this morning on this issue. He was split-screened with some thug tool, and when Lauer handed him the Sen Craig question, Carville just grinned (scary!) and lit up the Thug - said "I'm not surprised and I expect to see more", and called the Thugs lying deceitful Clinton-haters, and maybe this will finally end this fake 'culture war' of theirs so we can get some real work done.

The Thug tool, reeling from being hit by the chair, said that there were a couple of Dems in the pokey, too. Carville sneered at him as he wiped the blood from his face.

Vicious and fun. More, please.


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