Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just Because

Mary Louise Parker's Nude Weeds Ad:

Just because it's so very cute.

I run hot and cold on Ms. Parker -- loved her in "Boys On The Side" and adored her on "The West Wing" and hated her in "Angels In America" (too whiny).

Wolcott on 'Damages':

...Of American actresses, Glenn Close brandishes the same lack of sentimentality with an even more stainless steel gleam. Where Mirren looks as if she's been through the sexy wringer, Close looks more crisply tailored and hair-brushed with each new incarnation, her superhotshot lawyer in FX's Damages a human slingshot of lean calculation. Containing zero calories of sentimentality ("Never have kids," she tells the firm's latest doe-eyed hire, played by Rose Byrne), Close's Patty executes everything with ruthless exactitude: if Patty and Meryl Streep's Miranda Priestly ever raced for the same waiting limo, they'd be peeling Miranda off the sidewalk like a pancake...

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