Sunday, July 01, 2007

Triumph of the Stupid

I really shouldn't have read the MediaMatters article about the Post and the Supreme Court.

It's perfectly clear now that the Stupids have won.

In spite of being absolutely wrong about every single damn thing, everywhere, the Stupids in the Bush Davidians, the press, the Congress, the courts, the media, even popular entertainment now rule absolutely.

The ability to say utterly stupid things as loudly as possible without your guts rising out of your throat and strangling you to death in shame, is now all-powerful and has allowed the utterly stupid to take over the world and pillage and steal to their hearts' content.

If by some chance, one happens to be not-stupid, count on being villified and isolated to the brink of madness -- if not beyond. A Stupid society has no use for non-stupids; learn to be resented and hated.


Anonymous Nancy Willing said...

Hey o

just wanted to share my appreciation of this comment:

"TEH" is a joke. It just mocks a very common mispelling of "THE" and it's usually used to mock chatroom lingo.

To Balzac:

When there is nothing else happening in the world, we come here and hoist a few (virtual) brews with others like us. Sometimes we discuss music or movies, sometimes someone gets on a table and harangues the crowd (as I have been know to do on too many occasions).

I remember the utter despair that we felt back in 2004 - it was so bad that Atrios had to shut the place down for a few days. We all came back to heal and fight again.

All the best revolutions started in pubs, you know.
Meander, deeply embittered

I am a realtively new commentor at the Eschaton and I did not know this.

I was fairly well stuck in gear after 2000....2004 made it worse...and that is why most of us are putting ourselves out there.

July 02, 2007 2:39 PM  

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