Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Adventures In Dinnertime - Flank Steak

Reading through the Chronicle on Sunday, the Red Queen comes across a tasty-looking recipe that she insists that I cook for her. Flank steak - since the picture of red meat set her little carnivore heart aflutter.
Of course, says I.

What could be the problem with flank steak? It requires a marinade.

What could be the problem with the marinade? It requires balsamic vinegar, to which the Red Queen, bless her little contrary heart, is allergic.

Natually, in my eagerness to please (an unfortunate tendency which I continue to try to stamp out) and my utter joy at finding something that she'll freaking eat, I go for it, forgetting the dietary restrictions, like an idiot.

The wheezing, it haunts me still.

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